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Real core alignement fusion splicer.

6 motors automatic alignement in 3 axis. The best in market magnification: 700x lens.

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Robust and reliable fusion splicer manufactured in Korea, approved by telecommunications operators worldwide.

Ilsintech is the first Korean manufacturer to produce fusion splicers and leader in his country. Korea is the country with more FTTH connections with the fastest connections in the world.

Real core alignment, powerful optics 700X (maximum in the market), allow you to see the core of the fiber.

Autosensing fiber G652, G657 ... and special programs for splice different types of fibers together.

Equipment specially prepared for make high quality splices in FTTH networks, trunk, trunk fibers, railways, FTTN ... and of course any other minor works as FTTH distribution networks, LAN ...

Temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure sensors, allowing to self calibrate the arc.

High precision cleaver: Ilsintech Cl-03B, fully automatic (open-close single action system) is included in the KIT, being the fastest precision cleaver in the industry.

Full automatic splicing and automatic fiber alignment

Splice time 6s

Heat average time 20s and double heater to maximize performance.

Fiber core vision with 2 cameras 700X lens and automatic focus.

touch screen high-resolution color LCD

stores up to 10000 splicing results, including fusion image if necessary.

Equipped with 6 motors and alignment in 3 axes

The splicer has universal holders and optionally holders for SOC connectors

High capacity battery:  6000mA / 14,8V and up to  300 cycles (splicing and heating)

Fiber splicer with durable and reliable design.

Supported fibers SM, MM, DS, NZDS, BIF and UBIF

Typical lost less than 0.02dB (SM), 0.021dB (MM)

2 years warranty

Weight 2.5kg with battery

KIT includes: splicer with battery and charger, hard case, manual stripper, cleaver, cleaning set, replacement electrodes, calibration certificate, CE and RoHS certificate.

The K7 fusion splicer works while the battery is charging, likewise, the battery is removable and can be charged without the splicer (if we more than one battery is used it's possible to charge one while another is used).

The screen orientation changes automatically depending on user needs.

WARRANTY: standard 2 year warranty (battery 6 months warranty) (ask for warranty extension options).

Splicer repairs are carried out by our Technical Service of the brand in Spain. To avoid downtime, we have replacement fiber fusion splicers available to our customers.

We have all the parts in permanent stock and spare electrodes, batteries ...