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At KYO ELECTRIC we are dedicated to the design, development, manufacture and distribution of materials, tools, machinery and equipment for the deployment and maintenance of telecommunications networks.

We are a Spanish company based in León founded by engineers, leader in Spain in our sector and in the process of internationalization in Europe and Latin America.

We offer a comprehensive and quality service specific to the telecommunications sector, simplifying our clients processes.

Quality products and services with a European guarantee

We design and manufacture materials under the technical, functional and approval requirements of our clients.

We continuously innovate to adapt and improve our products to new markets and technological demands, developing our own solutions protected by patents and quality models.

Quality in our processes and continuous improvement

We implement a management system for efficient development, control and excellence in the quality offered to our clients with the ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Continuous improvement and excellence in our processes with our own R+D+i department, laboratory, and technical service.

Our good work has made us one of the fastest growing companies in Europe in the last 3 years, 2020, 2021 and 2022 according to the Financial Times classification.

We work in the European market, having our headquarters in León and subsidiaries in Portugal and Germany through the Kyo Machinery division.



At Kyo Electric we work focused on our clients to help them in all their projects both nationally and internationally.

We offer a comprehensive and quality service specific to the telecommunications sector and we simplify your purchasing and logistics processes.

We add value to our clients by having our own R+D+i departments, laboratory, and technical service.



We offer global solutions of quality and excellence service with products and services approved and validated in compliance with certification standards and regulations.

We improve and add value to our clients' business processes by reducing costs and increasing their efficiency.

Through strategic agreements with suppliers and manufacturers, we lead the design and adaptation of products to different markets.



We comply with the homologations, certifications and quality standards required at the organizational and product level.

We seek the satisfaction and trust of our clients by committing ourselves to their business as if it were ours.

We support and encourage the professional and personal development of our workers through training, career plans and reconciliation of work and family life.

Experience and professionalism

Experience and professionalism of more than 20 years in the telecommunications sector. Awarded by the Financial Times for 3 consecutive years as one of the fastest growing companies in Europe.

Leader in the Spanish market with offices in Spain, Portugal and Germany and in the process of internationalization in the United Kingdom, Italy and Latin America.

Our main services
  • Design and supply of material for installations according to regulations and requirements of telecommunications operators.
  • National manufacturing of part of our catalog under the required approvals, certifications and quality standards.
  • Multi-brand instrumentation technical service.
  • Connectorization laboratory.
  • Calibration of gas detectors.
  • OTDR calibration and other specialized measurement equipment.
Materials for installations
  • Microducts and accessories.
  • Electronic microducts marker K-marker.
  • Fiber optic cables, coaxial cables and ethernet cables.
  • Passive optical elements for FTTH operators (patchcords, pigtails, splitters, splices, optical distribution boxes...)
Tools, machinery and specialized equipment
  • Fusion splicers.
  • Fiber optic measurement equipment (OTDR, power meters, light sources, ...)
  • Detectors of buried services and georadar.
  • Specialized tools for fiber optics (identifiers, fault locators,...)
  • Individual protection equipment for the telecom sector (work at height, confined spaces...)
  • Work signs according to country regulations.
  • Fiber optic blowers and compressors.
  • Civil works machinery.
Design and manufacturing
  • Design and manufacture of products under the specifications and requirements of our clients and the market to which they are directed.
  • All our products are homologated and certified according to the required regulations.
  • We comply with quality standards at the product and process level.
  • We invest in R+D+i to ensure that our products are innovative and recognized with patents and utility models.
  • We provide value and flexibility, improving delivery times to our clients by having our own connectorization laboratory.
Distributions and manufacturers

We work with manufacturers of recognized prestige that offer professional products that guarantee the most important thing for our clients: excellent quality/price ratio and minimal equipment downtime.

All materials and products manufactured and marketed by our company have a European guarantee (see conditions for each case).

Grupo Kyo Electric is the official distributor and technical service provider of the Ilsintech fusion splicer manufacturer, high quality equipment and homologated features for work with Telecommunications Operators at European level.

UCL Swift


KYO MACHINERY, is a division of KYO ELECTRIC specialized in providing civil works machinery mainly intended for the installation of telecommunications networks and other canalization services.

Our clients are the main European contractors in the field of the installation of telecommunications, electricity, water and gas networks.

We also offer machinery rental services at a European level.



Pol. Ind. Villadangos V3, Parcela 5

+34 987 795 201



Rua Joaquim António de Aguiar 45 2º
1070-150 Lisboa, Portugal

+351 300 500 476




Michael-Felke-Straße Halle 5
54411 Hermeskeil, Alemania

+34 987 795 201