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Management Policy

Certificación ISO 9001:2015

KYOELECTRIC is an organisation dedicated, among other activities, to the SUPPLY, RENTAL AND TECHINCAL SERVICE OF THE MATERIALS AND TOOLS SPECIALISED FOR TELECOMUNICATION COMPANIES AND THEIR MAIN CONTRACTORS, acknowledged by the level of satisfaction of all customers.

KYOELECTRIC understands total quality as the adequate management of all the available resources, both material and human, with the objective to offer our customers a service that meets all their needs and expectations. In order to achieve this, we have a management system with a focus in processes based in the norm ISO 9001:2015 with the basic principles being:

  • To offer an integral service and of a specific quality for the telecommunications service, providing an added value to our customers, simplifying their purchase and logistic processes and including personalised items under the standards and regulations of the target country, complying at all times with the applicable legal requirements for their sector. and activity.
  • To carry out the internationalisation of the company to become a leader at a European level in the supply of materials, tools and specialized equipment for telecommunications operators and contractors, adapting our range of products to the regulation in the country of destination.
  • To invest on research, development, innovation and continuous improvement in order to detect changes, adapt to the market and develop further technological opportunities.
  • Through strategic agreements over a long time with providers and manufacturers, we offer products adapted to the different market needs and we search for alternative products at better prices, offering the same quality and technical specifications.
  • To analyse continuously our organisation and all the different parts interested in such. Identifying improvement opportunities and minimizing possible risks to implement strategies that allow for growth in our excellency and competitiveness, providing all the means and resources needed to carry them out in a successful way.
  • Fully compromising with our employees, making them part of the success of the organisation, appreciating their good performance as a competitive advantage that allows us to grow and consolidate ourselves within the market.

The directive team of KYOELECTRIC compromises to understand, implement and maintain the policies and quality systems on all organisational levels. The efficacy of the system will be revised with the objective of verifying if it is appropriate to meet the marked objective. The degree of compliance will be evaluated and it will be defined according to the strategy, policies and the continuous improvement of the organisation.

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