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Servicio técnico

Official technical service Ilsintech ( UCL Swift )

For more than 5 years Kyo electric is the official distributor and official technical service of UCL Swift, formerly known as Ilsintech, both in Spain and Portugal.

We have extensive knowledge of all your fusion splicers and cleavers, as well we have stock of many parts of Ilsintech products, so we can solve all your problems quickly and efficiently.

Likewise, we attend out the guarantees of your products, distributed by us, to avoid time or costs of shipping to the factory.

Maintenance of fusion splicers

According to our experience, many of the problems of the fusion splicers are due to a lack of maintenance and cleaning, as well as a lack of knowledge of the self-adjustment procedures offered by each model. That is why we have a standard service, with a closed price, that covers all these actions and the issuance of a maintenance certificate if necessary.

  • Camera cleaning
  • V-Groove Cleaning
  • Lens cleaning
  • LED cleaning
  • Cleaning of pads and holders
  • Arc power calibration and electrode check (conductivity, tip condition)
  • Motor calibration (by firmware)
  • Oven tests and configure optimal settings if necessary.
  • Fusion tests measured with OTDR (verification of real and 
  •  estimated loss)
  • Battery check and charging system test
  • Diagnostic tests
Repair of fusion splicers of other brands

We also provide maintenance and repair services for fusion splicers of other brands in order to offer a complete service to our customers. Although we will always have certain limitations when need obtain certain parts, we are capable of solving most of the breakdowns.

We have qualified employes to fix problem of charging ports, batteries, chargers and mainboards.

Some of the brands and models that we can repair and in which we have extensive experience are:

  • Fujikura: Models 12S, 60S, 70S y 90S
  • Inno: Models IFS-15, IFS-10, View 1, View 5, View 7
  • Fiberfox: Mini 22a y Mini 4s
  • Sumitomo: Type 25, Type 201e
  • Fitel: S123C, S178
  • Chinese brands as Eloik, Aitelong, Ruyan, Jilong...
Maintenance and repair service for cleavers

We have a maintenance and repair service for cleavers of Ilsintech and other brands such as Fujikura, Inno, Fitel, Sumitomo and Fiberfox.

We also have high quality compatible discs for them and precision tools to correctly calibrate it after a disc change.

We do not have maintenance or repairs services for unknow brands or low-cost cleavers, since the repair may have a similar or higher cost than other similar cleavers marketed by us.

Calibration of gas detectors

We have official training from Honeywell for the calibration of your gas detectors and issuance of certificates for them, with extensive experience and provision of parts for the GASALERT MICROCLIP XL, GASALERT MICROCLIP XT and BW ICON+ models.